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FOX News
Nov 3, 2012 3:00am EDT
talking about schultz. maybe the guy from hogan's heroes but john banner. >> greg: i know nothing. >> yeah, it's amazing it's heartening in some sense during the salt business and the soda business, the people that i talked to that were in the circle that has i know about, they are who are elbow people. they were thinking this is great idea. bloomberg is saving us from smoking. this is actually about times that new yorkers, mike bloomberg like he deserves it. >> this was mistake on his part. big events or like oscars or like your y are rehab when problems arise? >> not a bad idea. at least make the decision before today. i'm their shur there were hundreds that arrived in new york today and turned on their phones. the race i came over here just got cancelled. >> greg: there was a huge group of runners from some country but they were blocking the crosswalks. you know what this really is it's a war between the endomorph is won. ectomorphs are the skinny people. >> we both 17 magazine. body types. >> they are taking over. we have won a victory. chunky freaks like me. you ran a maratho
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 3:00am EDT
actually pick those up in my land. my hand. this is all over the boardwalk. john, if you look over there, that's how they were preparing for it at the atlantic sands hotel where we are staying. you can see they have -- they have put sandbags out to protect the water from coming in. they were expecting the worst, and because they were bracing for it, they got a good surprise in not getting any significant damage whatsoever. there is no water that penetrated through that. you can see the water line where it did come up right along here once again as i have said all along, they dodged the big one because when sandy came ashore it hit here, but not the way it hit cape may, atlantic city and of course as we know now new york city. so a lot of damage, but we'll find out how significant the damage is here once the day comes up and we can start assessing the damage. >> kelly wright, thanks. heather? >>> well, among the many communities feeling the brunt of a monster storm sandy, suffolk county, new york, that coastal community located just east of new york city on the long island sound. it has b
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 3:00am EDT
. >> wycliffe john is my write in candidate for president. >> not president. >> agree to disagree. tom, you said this guy didn't need to apologize and only 14 people read his tweets. that's not true. this is why. the problem here isn't really him. he was a jerk who did jerky things. the problem is a bunch of serious journalists retweeted him checking to see if he was an accurate source. >> that's their fault. >> that's what i'm saying. why does shawshank need the redemption. >> i love this guy. joy you're an -- >> you're aned yet. >> you are made because he took your joke. >> you did take mine. jay although mine was worded better. >> pretend it they ever happened. >> no, it is fine. please. >> i think as tom proved, it is a stupid little joke. back to my point, i do think a lot of this stuff is not journalists how dare you tweet bad info. it is how dare you trick me? >> we saw that with romney. they were fiewsh -- furious they were bamboozles. >> there are guys like this who spread false information. the good thing is the number of people who call out people like this those people, mys
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 12:00am PDT
opponent in a big way when it comes to early voting. unlike in 2008 when obama led senator john mccain by 15 points in early voting, in 2012 it's romney that's now running ahead by an impress impressiven points. 52% of the ballots have been cast in romney's favor. it's an eight point swing, by the way, in only four weeks. with all of those numbers in mind it's not surprising that the bi-partisan battleground model predicts romney as the winner in tuesday's election. will these numbers prove to be true? here to continue our debate is fox news political analyst. she's having a panic attack, juan williams, and from the five, dana puert dana perino is. it's just aut a momentum. i got a feeling in 2008, you could just tell it wasn't going to go senator mccain's way. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. there's a mood difference in 2008. republicans for good reason thought they weren't going to win that election. everything was going against them. in 2012 there's a much different feeling across the country. if you look at the crowds that romney and ryan were able to gather this past we
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)